” I feel ‘different’. I feel much lighter and wanted to go home and do yoga. I actually ate chicken for the first time in months -I was hungry. So, I don’t know what you all did, but it was wonderful. Thank you very much.”

greategret– C.E. (first time pt who had just gone through series of radiation treatments), Falmouth, MA

“August 15, 2011 How Energy Works: Listening to the body, to our sacred vibrational intention for wellness, Jane and Katharine meet us, each client individually, at our personal point of moving into wholeness. Sacred space, sacred geometries and an honoring of the unique physical connection each of us has with our own spirit, come together in divine timing, creating an opportunity for healing to manifest. Offering an unmatched accumulation of knowledge, experience, insight and compassion, this team delivers! Match their commitment to well-being and you are in for an amazing journey!”

-Deb Sellon A Silver Cord at Linden Hill – West Wareham, MA

What an amazing team.  The power and love in the room was truly breath taking.  I loved every minute of it!  Very powerful.  It was my honor to be there.   Each of you brought something a little different that worked together like an amazing symphony you created just for me.  I am very grateful because I am feeling more of myself than I have in a very long time. First of all, I slept for 12 hours last night.  It was one of the most peaceful and restful sleeps I’ve had in a LONG time!  My body was relaxed and loose in great ways.  When I got home, I relaxed for a bit but then I got this surge of energy that hasn’t quit.  I didn’t say this yesterday but while I was on the table resting, the mac & cheese at Wicked drifted in and then moved to releasing fear and anxiety to make room for the things I need to have near me – like love, care and fulfillment.  I took myself to Wicked yesterday afternoon and had a great time with my mac & cheese watching the Red Sox punish Tampa Bay in the 5th inning.  There was this couple sitting at a table nearby who reminded me of my parents.  It was what I would call a moment to say the least.  They looked nothing like my parents but the way they talked about the game reminded me of countless games I’d watched with them.  I came home did a little reading and thinking for my dissertation then went to bed and didn’t surface until this morning.  I was in bed deciding to get up when I heard some light knocking on the front door (or so I thought).  I said just a second, got up and put on a robe and went to the door and no one was there.  I had to laugh, figuring it was my guides telling me it was time to get up and get my day started.  I spent a few hours working on finishing my dissertation – something I’ve struggled to do lately.  Somehow it didn’t seem so hard or scary.  It feels good to put the final touches on it as I send it out to my committee of 5 readers to review and then discuss at my defense.  This shift happened yesterday during my session.  I wanted to share it in detail because on the surface it sounds like no big deal but all of the fears I’d been holding on to got in the way of me being able to take joy in the process of completion and transition into a new reality.
Thank you so much!  I feel my inner strengths and an excitement about being a vehicle for doing good in the world.  The changes are amazing and I am excited to discover how they manifest themselves.  One thing for sure is that I am slowing my pace down so that I can take in the full scope of a situation – having the patience to attend to the journey rather than only thinking about the destination…