rainbow-handsEnergy healing with the healers at Cape Cod Energy Works is unique to each person, with each visit.

What to expect: You will have two exerienced energy workers who will assess your physical structure and energy field. You will lie on a table fully clothed. With gentle hand placements, your energy will be addressed. You can expect one or all of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual relief.

How to prepare: Come wearing comfortable, loose clothing. It is helpful to focus on what you are hoping to have worked on or be released.

When your session is over: you will feel lighter, calmer and have a feeling of more space and well-being.

Crystal Bed

Crystal Bed appointments have been canceled until further notice. When we reopen you can book appointments on line. Appointments range from 20 minutes to 60 minutes. We are very excited to offer this unique experience. Please call if there are any questions, Katharine Baugh 508-428-9984