• Cape Cod Energy Works Crystal Bed


Reflective Light, by Fraida Gutovich

We observe:

Jane Barger, Katharine Baugh along with Jean Rocca and Jeanne Jackson have been working as a team since 1992.

Over time, we have deepened our perception of the vibrations of the body and have woven together many different teachings. We are students of structural law and spiritual law.

  • The structural integrity of the body
  • How people bear their weight in relationship with gravity
  • The energy field which flows through and around the body
  • How our spirit works within this system
  • Trauma release: physical, emotional, and spiritual

Our belief is that the human body has the power to self-heal and self-regulate. We listen to what the wisdom of the body is trying to do to heal itself.  We use a problem-solving algorithm that works through all dimensional levels to support the body’s healing.

There is a continuum between spirit and matter. Our job is to sit and work at this interface to support healing and trauma-release in the tissues of the body.

We offer a number of healing modalities at Energy Works. There are Healing Energy Sessions, Healing Energy Sessions in a clinic setting with up to 5 practitioners, Crystal Bed therapy, massage therapy, and workshops covering different teachings.Coming to you was like a blood transfusion for my soul.